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Phillips 66 Injex Pro 2-Cycle Motor Oil

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Phillips 66 Injex Pro 2-Cycle Motor Oil
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Premium Synthetic Blend, API TC Engine Oil For 2-Stroke Cycle Engines with Variable Exhaust Valves

Phillips 66® Injex Pro 2-Cycle Motor Oil is a premium quality, synthetic blend engine oil specifically developed for use in newer, high-output 2-stroke cycle snowmobiles and personal watercraft equipped with engines with variable exhaust valves. It also is recommended for use in earlier models where the equipment manufacturer specifies an API TC quality oil. It may be used in either direct oil injection or premix engines.


Outstanding exhaust valve cleanliness

Minimizes piston ring sticking and helps reduce exhaust port blocking

Protects against piston and cylinder scuffing

Reduces spark plug fouling

Excellent rust and corrosion protection

Excellent low-temperature performance

Keeps engine parts clean

Mixes easily with gasoline at low temperatures for premix applications

Dyed for easy visibility when mixed with gasoline

Suitable for either direct oil injection or premix engines(1)

(1)Note: For premix engines, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for choosing the proper fuel-to-oil mixing ratio.