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Permatex Poxy -Min General Purpose

Permatex Poxy -Min General Purpose

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Permatex Poxy -Min General Purpose
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Permatex Poxy -Min General Purpose

Permatex 5 Minute Gap Filling Epoxy is a versatile, easy-to-use, general-purpose epoxy adhesive, ideal for complex, multi-piece assemblies and rigid bonding materials. It is a two-part adhesive and filling system that is fixed in five minutes. This transparent epoxy fills gaps and does not shrink. Resistant to water and solvents. Permanent resistance up to 3400 PSI.




•Quick-fixation transparent epoxy in an easy-to-use 2-part dispensing syringe; permanent resistance up to 3400 PSI
•This water- and solvent-resistant epoxy sets in 5 minutes without the need for fastening
•Better option than super glues to join pieces with larger gaps; fills in the gaps and doesn't shrink
•Temperature Range: -59.8°F to 179.6°F

Suggested applications:
Complex assemblies of several pieces. Adheres to rigid materials,
including ceramics, chrome, fabric, fiberglass, glass, hard plastic, metal, and rubber