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PC Super Epoxy Adhesive Paste, Two-Part 1 oz., Double Syringe

PC Super Epoxy Adhesive Paste, Two-Part 1 oz., Double Syringe

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PC Super Epoxy Adhesive Paste, Two-Part 1 oz., Double Syringe
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PC-Super Epoxy is a non drip translucent paste epoxy with unlimited uses in bonding, sealing, and as a filler for most materials. This paste epoxy was formulated to be extremely versatile, flexible, and resilient with enormous strength. Unlike our other paste epoxies PC-Super Epoxy is designed to be fast curing. PC-Super Epoxy has a viscosity similar to Vaseline making overhead and sidewall work easy without drip or sag. Stair installers just love this product for installing iron balusters. PC-Super Epoxy demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water. Bonds most everything to anything. In cold or cool temperatures, place PC-Super Epoxy container near heat prior to using. PC-Super Epoxy mixes and spreads easier at 80 degree F than at 40 degree F. Any clean smooth flat surface is an excellent surface for mixing and working. A small putty knife or flexible artist spatula are great tools for mixing and applying PC-Super Epoxy. Denatured alcohol is excellent for smoothing applied PC-Super Epoxy. Also use Denatured alcohol to clean surfaces before applying. Ideal for use as adhesive: wood, metal (all types), glass, brick, block, rubber, concrete, stone, slate, fiberglass, tile, and more in any and all combinations; as sealant: oil, gas, water tanks, cellar cracks, pressure tanks, and plumbing leaks; as a filler: holes, castings, patterns, molds, voids, welds, steering wheels and much more. Work time (70 degree F): 15 minutes. Tack free cure time: 45 minutes. Cure for service: 3-4 hours. Maximum cure: 3-7 day. Gardner impact resistance: 160 in./lb. Conduction (electric): non conductive. Excellent thermal shock. Non toxic once cured. Heat range: -20 to 200 degree F.


Epoxy adhesive paste bonds, seals, and fills a range of materials, including wood, metal, glass, brick, concrete, and fiberglass
Cures translucent to blend in with bonded material
Continuous service temperature range from -20 to +200 degrees F
Provides work time of 15 minutes, cure time for service of 3 to 4 hours, and full cure time of 3 to 7 days
Can be drilled, sanded, sawed, and painted after full cure