Nutrena Naturewise Meatbird Crumbles – 50 lbs

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Nutrena Naturewise Meatbird Crumbles – 50 lbs
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Expertly designed and formulated meatbird feed to provide natural, balanced nutrition for healthy growth and enhanced muscle development in broilers, turkeys, ducks, geese and pheasants.

  • For natural, balanced nutrition to support strong and healthy growing chicks
  • A complete, nutritious vegetarian chick diet
  • 18% protein to support muscle development and weight gain
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth and development
  • Contains a proprietary blend of nutrients to support the immune system and overall health of the chick
  • NO added hormones
  • Added Tagetes (Aztec Marigold) meal to improve skin coloration
  • Added prebiotics, probiotics and yeast culture that support digestion for chicks
  • Crumble form encourages feeding