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Norsk USB Hanging Light Bulb

Norsk USB Hanging Light Bulb

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Norsk USB Hanging Light Bulb
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Norsk USB Hanging Light Bulb

Never be stuck in your ice house or tent without light again - simply plug in the Norsk Lithium USB dimmable light bulb to any USB power outlet and you will have the light you need to fish and camp longer.

•  No outlets? No problem! Connect the LED light to your Norsk Lithium Battery with convenient USB ports.

•  6’ cord provides ample length to light up the space as you need

•  With a max lighting of 1100 lumens, you’ll have the exposure of a bright table lamp wherever you go.

•  Utilize any one of the three selectable color temps (soft, bright, or daylight) to ensure the lighting you desire in each moment.

•  Dimmable LED



 •  Norsk Lithium 7.5ah Lithium Battery

•  Norsk Lithium 15ah Lithium Battery

•  Norsk Lithium 20ah Lithium Battery

•  Norsk Lithium 32ah Lithium Battery

•  Any USB Port