Motor Medic M50-12 Lead Substitute – 12 oz

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Motor Medic M50-12 Lead Substitute – 12 oz

Gunk Motor Medic Lead Substitute allows older engines designed for use with "leaded" gasolines to run safely with low lead or unleaded fuels when used as directed. Replaces lead protection, contains valve seat anti-wear additive, intended for off-road use. Treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline.

  • Replaces lead protection
  • Contains valve seat anti-wear additive
  • Intended for off-road use
  • Catalytic Converter Safe: Yes
  • Container Size: 12 oz
  • Container Type: Plastic Bottle
  • Eliminates Frozen Fuel Lines: Yes
  • Fuel Stabilizer: Yes
  • Material: Liquid
  • Octane Booster: No
  • Prevents Phase Separation: Yes
  • Removes Water: Yes