Marth Animal And Reptile Pellet Bedding, 40lb

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Marth Animal And Reptile Pellet Bedding, 40lb
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Marth Animal And Reptile Pellet Bedding

Absorbent and easy to clean with low-dust. Refined in our pellet mill, Marth Pellet Bedding is made using pressure to bind small absorbent particles of wood together. The resulting pellets are super absorbent and make it easy to separate out animal waste, which translates to lower replacement costs.
By removing animal waste daily, you'll usually only need to add pellet bedding about once per week, depending on the animal.

Small rodents and reptiles:
Keep 1/2" to 1" of pellet bedding on the bottom of the cage. Remove waste immediately and add new bedding as needed.

Medium-size animals:
Use 1" to 1-1/2" of pellet bedding. Remove waste promptly and add new bedding as needed.

Large animals:
Fill the floor of the stall with 2" to 2-1/2" of pellet bedding. Wet with water evenly (about a half gallon per bag) to release the fine wood particles. The bedding should grow fluffier within 30 minutes of wetting. Remove manure and moisture-saturated areas using a pitchfork with narrow spaces between tines. Add new bedding as needed.