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Lindy YUM Dinger - 4"

Lindy YUM Dinger - 4"

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Lindy YUM Dinger - 4"
As low as $2.99
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The YUM® Dinger™ is one of the few lures that catches bass whether they're feeding or not. No other style of lure gets inactive fish to strike like this one does. The YUM Dinger can be rigged Texas-, Carolina-, or wacky- style. It can be rigged weightless or weighted. Any way it's rigged, it catches fish when other lures can't. The Dinger is infused with a proven scent attractant with enzymes designed to create a feeding frenzy. And take a look at the wide selection of colors!


Pack Quantity: 10

Gets inactive fish to strike

Rig it many ways

Infused with a proven scent attractant