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Libman 24" Curved Squeegee with Handle

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Libman 24" Curved Squeegee with Handle


Remove water, chemicals and mud from a variety of smoother surfaces with the Libman 24” Curved Floor Squeegee. Excellent for use on patios, walkways, and industrial sites, the firm rubber blade is made from real, vulcanized, natural rubber.



  • 24” wide, firm rubber blade mounted with a curve to remove and contain liquid
  • Vulcanized, natural rubber squeegee blade
  • 1.13” thick, heavy-duty, lacquered wood handle that friction fits the steel squeegee bracket with a screw hole for extra hold
  • Electrostatic powder coated paint on steel squeegee backing prevents rust and corrosion


Product Applications: 

  • Best for smooth surfaces, including warehouses, shipping docks, garages, patios, walkways, and other industrial sites and facilities
  • Flood and disaster clean-up
  • Water, ice/snow, mud, liquid spills, grease, and chemical removal
  • MRO, Plant & Warehouse; Foodservice; Janitorial & BSC; Hotel & Housekeeping; Office Products; Health Care & Assisted Care; Construction, Landscaping, & Farm

Total Length: 67"