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Kiddie 21006287MTL Automobile Fire Dry Chemical Extinguisher

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Kiddie 21006287MTL Automobile Fire Dry Chemical Extinguisher

Designed for single use, this compact extinguisher contains a fast-acting extinguishing agent to quickly put out flames during an emergency. Easy-to-read gauge lets you quickly see if the extinguisher is charged and ready for use. Clear instruction label features descriptive graphics to show you the steps required to operate. Easy-to-pull safety pin allows quick use during emergencies. Nylon handle is rust-resistant and impact-resistant for reliable performance. Extinguisher is UL rated 5B:C and is suitable for use on liquid and energized electrical fires. 

  • Regular dry chemical
  • Fitted with a "one touch" pressure check device to ensure reliable performance
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminum and a tough nylon valve assembly
  • Includes: "No Drill" hook & loop Bracket