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Jobsite Leather Lotion 8 fl oz

Jobsite Leather Lotion 8 fl oz

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Jobsite Leather Lotion 8 fl oz
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Cleans, polishes, protects leather and leather like materials. For all leather colors.



  • Easy-to-use, high-quality
  • All purple cleaner to polish, protect and condition
  • Helps retard water, cracking and salt spotting
  • Ideal for smooth grained and glove leathers, lid-luster calf, lizard, alligator, patents, vinyl, plastics and leather like materials
  • Apply with a clean soft cloth. Let dry and buff lightly
  • Apply often to give leather a smooth soft finish and keep natural luster of leather
  • Use on all colors including white

Caution: Not for use on suede or napped materials.