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Irwin Strait-Line 6Orange Hi-Visibility Marking Chalk, 5 Lb.

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Irwin Strait-Line 6Orange Hi-Visibility Marking Chalk, 5 Lb.
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Irwin Strait-Line Marking Chalks have a newly engineered flip-top cap that keeps the chalk in the bottle where you want it and stops it from spilling out in areas that you don't. The flip-top cap, available on all Irwin Strait-Line Chalk bottles, seals the chalk in an airtight chamber, keeping out moisture and reducing the risk of clumping.

  • Exterior use
  • For low light conditions and on dark surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • High visibility chalk for self chalking line reels
  • Permanent colors, especially black and red, produce long lasting lines that won't fade
  • Temporary colors, especially white and blue, provide high visibility and are easy to remove
  • Proprietary formulations for dark, sharp lines and reliable performance
  • Use to show layout changes and corrections