Howes Diesel Lifeline Additive

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Howes Diesel Lifeline Additive
As low as $8.99
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The Simple Solution for Alcohol Free Rescue from Winter Emergencies

Introducing the latest product from Howes - Diesel Lifeline. Designed to deal with emergencies caused by the toughest winter weather, Diesel Lifeline™ is a fast acting product that works to re-liquefy gelled fuel and de-ice frozen fuel filters. Containing no alcohol or harmful solvents, Diesel Lifeline is a simple, smart solution from a name you can trust. Howes Diesel Lifeline is the only product that requires no mixing or fuel filter change and works to -35°F and beyond.

Re-Liquefies Gelled Fuel - Diesel Lifeline works to chemically modify the melting points of both ice and wax making it possible for fuel to flow freely.

De-Ices Frozen Fuel Filters - The simple, smart solution to winter emergencies, Howes Diesel Lifeline is the only product that requires no fuel mixing or fuel filter change.

Prevents Fuel Filter Icing - Once in the system, Howes Diesel Lifeline not only works to get you rolling again but, it continues to work to prevent fuel filter icing.

Fast Acting - Petroleum-based and extremely fast acting…in most cases, taking just 15 minutes to take effect…Howes Diesel Lifeline works in temperatures as low as -35°F and beyond.

  • Re-liquefies gelled fuel & de-ices frozen fuel filters
  • Prevents fuel filter icing
  • Eliminates the need to replace costly fuel filters
  • Fast acting and easy to use
  • Requires NO mixing with additional diesel fuel in the fuel filter
  • Warranty safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel fuels
  • Contains no alcohol or harmful solvents