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Hillman Beware Of Dog Sign (10" X 14")

Hillman Beware Of Dog Sign (10" X 14")

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Hillman Beware Of Dog Sign (10" X 14")
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Alert visitors that there is a dog on your property with this fetching Hillman Beware of Dog Sign (10" x 14"). Made of durable plastic that won't fade in heat, you'll have to resist buying ca-nine of them. Fluorescent ink helps it stand out and convey your message clearly: things are going to get ruff if strangers start barking up the wrong tree.


EYE-CATCHING SIGN: Contrasting colors grant greater visibility, attracting attention and ensuring visitors and passersby are aware of the sign's intent

ENSURES CLEAR MESSAGE: Bold letters and concise language helps signs create an easily understandable message to those in the area; simple pictogram helps viewers further understand the sign's intent, especially for those far away or with impaired vision

TOUGH BUILD: High quality sign is made of rust-resistant aluminum and finished to be durable, rust-resistant, and to withstand adverse weather conditions

SELF-ADHESIVE: These signs feature an adhesive back. To apply, ensure mounting surface is clean and dry before pressing sign firmly to surface to activate adhesive layer

BUILDING CODE REQUIREMENTS: Check local building code requirements for signs to ensure compliance before mounting