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GoFire GF100 Fire Starters - 100 Pack

GoFire GF100 Fire Starters - 100 Pack

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GoFire GF100 Fire Starters - 100 Pack
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GoFire - The ultimate all-purpose fire starters for indoor & outdoor use. It's the only packable and portable, true earth-friendly fire starter which is the safer alternative to petrol-based lighter fluids and other fire starters. No smell, virtually no smoke, and always ready for your next adventure whether you are out on survival, go camping, light a fire pit, a charcoal BBQ grill, or want to light up a fireplace, wood burning stove inside the house. GoFire uses a patented formula that is proven and has been trusted and used by millions in Europe for the past decade. Now, for the first time in the USA!

Just light up a corner and use them to start your fire. They will replace the need to use kindling.


GoFire combines a unparalleled set of features:

  • up to 10min burn time
  • 13" flame height
  • very high wind strength tolerance
  • burns in rain and snow
  • lights when wet
  • stays lit on water
  • packable & portable
  • eco-friendly
  • food safe
  • up to 30 years of shelf life/storage