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GB Electrical Tap Splice Terminal Kit, Assorted

GB Electrical Tap Splice Terminal Kit, Assorted

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GB Electrical Tap Splice Terminal Kit, Assorted
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The quick and always-reliable crimp-type wire terminals feature color-coded barrels denoting industry standard wire gauge sizes. Available in ring, spade, disconnect, and bullet styles. Vinyl insulated barrels provide a high degree of protection and carry a maximum 600V rating. Temperature ratings for the complete line are 75°C (167°F). You will find various terminals for various circuit protection devices, all insulated to last for those any environments. GB terminals are leading the industry in quality and durability


10 Pack

INSULATED T-TAP connectors with lock create a reliable connection

INDUSTRY STANDARD color-coding indicates wire guage size

600V Maximum Rating and 221°F (105°C) Temperature Rating

Using pliers SQUEEZE METAL TAP through both wires to complete connection

QUICK SPLICE SECURE CONNECTIONS: without stripping wire and creates a circuit additon without cutting and splicing