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Frigid Forage Wild Game Buffet – 4 lb / 1/2 Acre Bag

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Frigid Forage Wild Game Buffet – 4 lb / 1/2 Acre Bag
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Contains:  Ladino Clover, White Dutch Clover, Medium Red Clover, Mammoth Red Clover, Alsike Clover along with Vernal Alfalfa. 

 Also contains 15% blend of  forage turnips, forage rape, & Daikon Radish for a nurse crop and to provide additional forage the first season.


Wild Game Buffet Planting Tips

Wild Game Buffet can be planted in the Spring or late summer/early Fall. Can be planted in most areas from full sun to shade.  Works great on trails and small plots or openings in the woods.  Does not like sandy or very dry soils.

 Since WGB is clover based it prefers a heavier loam or light clay soil, but does well in most soils with proper moisture.  Can be planted with minimal and often no tilling of the soil as long as the existing vegetation is killed with RoundUp.

Condition the soil with a plow, disk, or similar equipment to prepare a good seed bed as early as possible so weeds have a chance to begin growing.  Allow the field to green up then spray with Round Up two weeks before planting.

When ready to plant, loosen up just the seed bed surface with a drag or chain link fence to further prep the soil.   Do not till too deep, tilling deep will only bring more weed seeds to the surface.

Soil should be fertile with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5.  If you are not sure of your soils fertility or pH, have your soil tested. Your local farm co-op or fertilizer dealer can usually help with this.  Apply either pelletized lime or ag lime as needed. *A good fertilizer recommendation is 200-300lbs of 8-24-24

Broadcast or drill at 8-10lbs/acre.

After seeding you can drag the seed bed, but do not cover the seed with more than ¼ inch of top soil.

Important   Use a cultipacker, roller, or even your ATV tires to pack the field to insure good seed/soil contact.  You do not need to worry about covering the seed.  If the seed is planted too deep, it will not grow. 

Do a rain dance! As with all plantings, the sooner it rains the better so watch your weather forecast and try to plant before a reasonable chance of rain.