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Frabill Sportsman Rubber Net

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Frabill Sportsman Rubber Net


Frabill's Tangle-Free Rubber Net - Tough molded thermal-plastic netting provides the ultimate net for hassle-free fishing. Elastic in nature, these unique nets expand to adjust to a fish's weight supporting the entire length of the fish. There's no knots or rough edges that can harm the fish. Flat pan bottom design allows quick and easy removal of fish and elimates snagged hooks and fins. A favorite for Bass, Walleye, and Trout. 17" x 19" Teardrop with 36" Fixed Handle BLACK



Hoop Size: 17"x19"

Hoop Style: Teardrop

Handle Length: 36"

Handle Type: Fixed

Netting Material: Rubber

Mesh: 3/8"

Depth: Stretched