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Frabill Landing Net, 20x23 36"

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Frabill Landing Net, 20x23 36"

Frabill Landing Net, 20x23 36"

 The best possible choice of net for anglers who wish to preserve their beloved fishery, the Frabill Conservation Series Landing Nets are designed with catch-and-release fishing in mind. Featuring knotless netting, these nets are much gentler on the fish than typical knotted nylon nets. The net's flat bottom design helps cradle the fish in a more natural position to help prevent injury.


  36" Aluminum slide handle with molded rubber grip
• Knotless netting protects the fish slime coat
• Rubber hoop for fewer lure catch points
• Flat bottom nets to better protect the fish 
• Rubber netting 


   Handle Length: 36"

•   Handle Type: Collapsible 

  Hoop Color: Black

   Hoop Size: 20"x23"

   Netting Type: Rubber