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Fly-Lid Turn Almost Any Cup Into A Fly Trap (2-Pack)

Fly-Lid Turn Almost Any Cup Into A Fly Trap (2-Pack)

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Fly-Lid Turn Almost Any Cup Into A Fly Trap (2-Pack)
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Take control of pesky flies with the Fly Lid! Unlike other traps that rely on poison or sticky adhesive to trap flies, the fly lid allows you to turn an ordinary cup into an effective and non-toxic fly trap. Simply bait the cup with the attractant of your choice. You can use common ingredients from around the house like vinegar, fruit, honey... sometimes even red wine can be the best fly killer! Once the flies catch the scent of your bait, they will fly down the funnel and won't be able to get back out. The Fly-Lid is discreet and does not rely on foul odors to bring in the flies, especially if you are using the trap indoors, you can use sweet smelling bait. If you are wanting to take care of a big fly problem outside, you can use a more potent bait (a piece of shrimp in water really makes the flies go crazy after a day or so). Just a single 16 oz plastic cup with the Fly-Lid on top can catch thousands of flies!


EFFECTIVE AND VERSATILE! Catch flies indoors and outside! The Fly-Lid will catch flies wherever they are a problem, whether it's your kitchen or your barn! Catches fruit flies, house flies, black flies, and many more!

PATENTED AND MADE IN USA! Patented tiered design allows the Fly-Lid to fit most disposable cups as well as cups and glasses you have around the house! It was designed, manufactured and packaged in the US.

NON-TOXIC AND FAMILY AND PET FRIENDLY! You can use common and safe ingredients from your house to attract the flies. No need for harmful chemicals or messy sticky traps. Natural ingredients can be the most effective attractants.

EASY CLEAN UP! Once the cup is full or you have caught all the flies, just throw it away! The lid can be thrown away, recycled, or re-used again to catch even more flies. With fly swatters and bug zappers, you need to clean up the bugs... with the Fly-Lid, just pitch the cup when you're done!

ECO-FRIENDLY! The Fly Lid is made from recycled plastic and does not use harmful chemicals to lure flies. The Fly Lid can be popped onto a cup you already have around the house, or even a disposable cup you were going to throw away anyway! No need to buy large plastic fly traps or bags when a paper coffee cup paired with the Fly-Lid will catch thousands of flies!