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Flock Fresh Bedding

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Flock Fresh Bedding


Standlee Premium Western Forage Flock Fresh Bedding is an all-natural small animal bedding mixture. Scientifically formulated, this small pet bedding reduces ammonia odors, promotes digestive health and creates a comfortable, dry and nearly odor-free roosting area. The pet bedding is made with premium chopped straw, premium chopped alfalfa and zeolite granules.



•  Pet bedding bag contains 56.6 L compressed or 283.2 L expanded

 To maintain product quality and ensure safety, properly store small animal bedding in covered, cool and well-ventilated environment

 Small pet bedding manufactured in facility that handles variety of alfalfa and grasses

  Composed of chopped straw and enhanced with zeolite granules

 Alfalfa added to encourage your flock to peck through and continually turn bedding

 Promotes happy and healthy coop environment

 Intended as bedding product or for composting purposes and not as source of nutrition

  Remove bedding if your chickens eat straw; Chickens that consume large amounts of straw have higher risk of crop impaction which can result in death

  Barley or wheat seeds may be present and may germinate if used in gardens


  Reduces ammonia odors, promotes digestive health and creates comfortable, dry and nearly odor-free roosting area


Brand Standlee
Country of Origin Made in USA
Animal Compatibility Chickens
Compressed Volume 56.6 L
Coverage Area 283.2 L
Expanded Volume 283.2 L
Features N/A
Package Quantity N/A
Package Size 2 cu. ft.
Poultry Type(s) Chickens
Product Height 91.5 in.
Product Length 25.5 in.
Product Weight N/A
Product Width 14.75 in.
Warranty 30 day guarantee
Manufacturer Part Number 2700-70101-0-0