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Fisher-Price See ‘N Say The Farmer Says

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Fisher-Price See ‘N Say The Farmer Says
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Introduced in 1965, the See ‘N Say Farmer Says was the first talking toy that allowed children to pick the exact phrase they wanted to hear. The classic Farmer Says teaches about 12 animals and the sound they make. Point the arrow and pull the cord to hear all the classic sounds you remember from your childhood. 


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  • Basic Fun’s line of Fisher-Price Classics are reproductions of classic Fisher-Price toys, originally introduced in the mid-1950s to the early 1970s.
  • The Fisher-Price Classics line resonates with both parents and grandparents who grew up with these toys and have fond memories.
  • This design incorporates beautiful illustrations giving the products a special vintage feel.


Age Recommendation:  18 months and up

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