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Felo Screwdriver 6 pc Set Slot & Phillips

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Felo Screwdriver 6 pc Set Slot & Phillips
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6 pc Slotted & Phillips Precision Screwdriver Set

6pc 2-component handle precision screwdriver set. Handle with hanging hole for easy storage or inserting level. Set includes slotted sizes: 1/16 In. x 2-3/8 In., 5/64 In. x 2-3/8 In., 3/32 In. x 2-3/8 In., 1/8 In. x 2-3/8 In. set includes phi lips sizes: PH00 X 2-3/8 In., PH0 X 2-3/8 In. Felo precision screwdrivers are perfect for meticulous and high tolerance work. They are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality, are ergonomically refined, have a free spinning cap and high torque steel blades. Felo has been a leading manufacturer of quality tools in Germany for more than 125 years. The strictest possible controls are used at every step in the manufacturing process to guarantee only the highest quality screwdrivers are made. All screwdriver blades are manufactured from the finest chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel and heat treated to exacting specifications.

  • Ergonomic handle design greatly reduces pain and fatigue associated with repetitive task or application of torque
  • Long, custom shaped, dual use handle design allows maximum torque generation when gripped as a normal screwdriver, or precision functionality when rotated with the fingertips
  • Ergonomic design increases user comfort and productivity, while fatigue is greatly reduced
  • Handle shape conforms to user's hand so greater torque can be generated with significantly less strain to the hand, wrist and forearm