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Explore One 45 Piece 900X Microscope Set with Case

Explore One 45 Piece 900X Microscope Set with Case

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Explore One 45 Piece 900X Microscope Set with Case
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An item as common as a sliver of onion skin reveals unexpected dimensions and ignites curiosity when viewed through the Explore One 45 Piece 900X Microscope Set with Case. One of the best STEM toys you can buy for your child is a microscope, because they can be used indoors or outdoors to explore hidden worlds and it prepares your child for a life of science learning. With this 900X Microscope Kit, young scientists will find everything they need to begin exploring the hidden microscopic realm.


**Needs Two AA batteries Not Included.



  • Ages 8+
  • Smooth rack and pinion focusing mechanism allows for careful adjustment to view the specimen at its sharpest. 
  • Three objective lenses mounted on a rotating turret provide magnifications of 100x, 400x and 900x.
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM International Toy Safety Testing Standards: ASTM F963 - 17
  • 45+ pieces in the set
  • The adjustable microscope arm and be adjusted over a wide range for the most comfortable viewing angle.
  • The generous 66mm x 73mm stage with clips (that secure the microscope slides on the stage) is large enough to easily center specimens under the objective lens.
  • The storage case with its clear inspection window, holds the microscope and all the supplied individual components for safe storage. *Case color may vary.


(5) Prepared Slides

(1) Color Filter

(1) Beaker

(7) Blank Slides

(1) Specimen Dish

(1) Red Dye

(7) Slide Lables

(1) Pepette

(1) Blue Dye

(7) Slide Covers

(1) Scalpel

(1) Shrimp Eggs

(7) Cover Slips

(1) Tweezers

(1) Sea Salt

(1) Petri Dish

(2) Specimen Vials

(1) Needle Tool

(1) Experimental Instructions