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Exide Nautilus Deep Cycle Marine Battery 27-MDC

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Exide Nautilus Deep Cycle Marine Battery 27-MDC

 Exide Nautilus Deep Cycle Marine Battery 27-MDC 

These deep cycle marine batteries are designed to provide continuous power to run trolling motors, live wells, inverters, fish finders, radio/stereo, etc. for prolonged periods of time.  So get on board with an Exide Marine battery that fits your applications needs and to keep your boat afloat and running strong.  These batteries can be discharged and recharged many times without damaging the internal components of the battery.  Pete says Exide manufactures a good quality battery that lasts.  These batteries have stood up to the test of time application after application.  And why BatteryPete continues to sell this battery line.  


•   AMP hour ratings up to 200 AMP hours for continuous operating time.

•   Incorporates thicker grids, denser active materials on the plates and alloys specifically designed to provide many cycles.

•   Lead/antimony construction provides the proper combination of alloy composition and active material for cycling.

•   Enveloped polypropylene separators surround the plates, protecting them from vibration damage and normal active material shedding.

•   Features ratings up to 400 RC

•   These batteries have a lower marine cranking amps (MCA) rating and a higher reserve capacity/amp hour rating, than dual purpose or starting types.

•   New, fold-down suitcase handle eases installation.

   Stainless steel threaded and SAE posts provide ease of installation and permit uncluttered wiring harness for electrical connections.

•   Add water as needed to maintain full-cycling performance.