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Electryx 2700 LM LED Panel Bulb

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Electryx 2700 LM LED Panel Bulb


This versatile and bright LED 4-in-1 panel bulb is the perfect solution for your dark attic, garage, or utility room, and is attractive and sleek enough for your office or laundry room. The E26 base screws easily into your standard light socket. If you need to clear the edges of your fixture, quickly screw in the included socket extender to give the light panels full range of motion. Adjustable panels aim light in the dark corners, while the down light panel fills the central space with clean, cool, daylight-color light. 5000K CCT is energizing and vivid so no more dusty and dingy yellow light of traditional incandescent bulbs. This folding bulb is a fast and simple way to improve the look and feel of any room in the house!



  • 2700 Lumen, 28 Watt
  • Fits standard light socket. E26 Medium Base.
  • Central down light plus 3 adjustable panels for accurate light placement. Panels fold up to 90Â to illuminate all corners.
  • For use in open light fixtures
  • Light socket extender helps adjustable panels extend past your fixture for better range of motion.
  • Equivalent to 150W incandescent light bulb
  • 81% energy savings with LED technology
  • Save an estimated $14.66 annually when switching to this GT-Lite LED work light from an incandescen bulb equivalent.