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Earthquake Pioneer 17 in. Till Width 99cc Gas Dual Direction Rear Tine Tiller

Earthquake Pioneer 17 in. Till Width 99cc Gas Dual Direction Rear Tine Tiller

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Earthquake Pioneer 17 in. Till Width 99cc Gas Dual Direction Rear Tine Tiller
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If you’ve ever used a rear tine tiller before you know they are the best way to break up sod and till soil. But if you’ve ever put a rear tine tiller in a garden and tried to control it around fences and precious rows, it may feel like holding onto a bucking bronco or a taking a bear cub for a walk. From breaking ground to creating a smooth seed-bed, the Earthquake Pioneer is designed to give you more control while still providing all of the benefits that dual-directions are known for. The arrangement of the transmission in the middle of the tiller creates a low center of gravity that is the key to a balanced and stable tilling experience. The transmission design also offers incredible efficiency allowing you accomplish the same amount of work as other tillers while taking advantage of an engine that is a lot lighter and a lot quieter than a typical rear-tine tiller. Featuring instant reverse, a simple pull of a handle allows you to back up without shifting gears. Dual control handlebars and a compact footprint make maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze and allow for one handed operation. Our super-wide airless tires never go flat and provide incredible traction. No matter what your garden challenge, Pioneer is designed to deliver from sod to seed.

  • DUAL DIRECTION- Operate in CRT mode (counter rotating tines) to bust sod and till tough soils, then shift to SRT (standard rotating tines) to create a smooth seed bed for planting.
  • FRUSTRATION FREE SHIFTING- Pioneer removes the guesswork from getting in gear with a shift positioning system that other dual direction tillers envy. No fuss, no cuss, no back and forth… easily find the drive mode you want by simply sliding the shift handle into your preferred mode on the locator plate.
  • COMPACT POWER- Designed for performance, the Pioneer uses a lighter and quieter 99cc Viper engine that is right-sized for the job reducing the weight and offering a smoother, less noisy and more balanced experience during operation.
  • INSTANT REVERSE™- Unlike its competitors, Pioneer takes the “shift” out of backing up. Seamlessly maneuver backward in your garden with the quick pull of a handle. Release the handle to go forward again.
  • AIRLESS WHEELS- Not only will the super-wide airless wheels never go flat, they have seriously aggressive lugs for clawing at the dirt for maximum traction.
  • DUAL-GRIP HANDLEBARS: Step to the side of your tilling path and employ one-handed operation to avoid those annoying footsteps in your seed-bed.
  • HIGHLY MANEUVERABLE- With its compact frame and balanced weight distribution, the Pioneer™ allows for fluid navigation in tight growing spaces and stable pivoting capability at the end of garden rows.
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY-The Earthquake® Pioneer™ is backed by a 5-year warranty and US based service and support.