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Durvet Layer Boost with Omega-3, 100 gm.

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Durvet Layer Boost with Omega-3, 100 gm.
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Support your flock's egg production with Durvet Layer Boost with Omega-3. These chicken supplements contain a blend of vitamins, electrolytes, enzymes, omega-3, and marigold for daily use with layer chickens. The laying hen supplements also contain a source of live (viable) direct fed microorganisms. The poultry vitamin supplement helps improve the quantity and quality of eggs for great results.


Laying hen supplements contain a source of marigold and vitamin D3
Improves the quality and quantity of eggs
Ideal for laying hens to achieve greater productivity
It's easy to use these chicken supplements - just add one scoop or one packet per gallon of drinking water
Poultry vitamin supplement may be used together with other Durvet poultry soluble products (sold separately)
100gm jar: Enclosed scoop equals 4 grams
For dietary supplementation mix 1 scoop per gallon of drinking water; refresh water daily
Makes 25 gallons for extended use