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Durvet Controlled Iodine Spray, 16oz.

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Durvet Controlled Iodine Spray, 16oz.
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Durvet Controlled Iodine Spray is indicated for use in cattle, horses, swine and sheep as a topical antiseptic for use prior to surgical procedures such as castrating and docking. This iodine for horses and livestock may also be used to treat ringworm and foot rot. The iodine for cattle is ideal for application to the navel of newborn animals. The product may also be used as a wound spray for cattle and other animals to treat minor cuts, teat sores, bruises and abrasions.


Use as a wound spray for cattle, swine, horses and sheep
Effective iodine for horses and livestock provides rapid killing of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa
Convenient, easy-to-use adjustable nozzle delivers either stream or spray of iodine for cattle
Economical formula costs only about half as much as aerosols
Safety afforded by non-irritating property of antiseptic
DIRECTIONS: Hold container approximately 4 to 6 inches from the area to be sprayed; point valve at the area to be sprayed, then pull trigger of valve and spray area once lightly
May be repeated daily, if necessary, until area is healed