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Durastart 12V Dual Purpose Deep Cycle/Starting Marine Battery

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Durastart 12V Dual Purpose Deep Cycle/Starting Marine Battery
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Durastart Marine batteries are specifically engineered to withstand extreme vibration and stress and perform under the most demanding conditions. Durastart Marine batteries are available in deep cycle, marine starting and dual purpose applications. Each battery uses a punched grid technology with a special thicker plate and twin terminals for superior construction. A low resistant envelope separator with glass mat reinforced container provides the latest in anti-vibration technology.


• Compatability with TOP and STUD terminals

• Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology offering an advanced design with high starting power while delivering the energy needed for mulitple accessories on boats

• Completely sealed design that prevents spills and are completely maintenance free

• 1000 MCA

• 182 min.