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Dura Lube Engine Treatment - 1 Qt.

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Dura Lube Engine Treatment - 1 Qt.
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Dura Lube® is the premium brand for your engine. We don’t just treat the oil, we treat the engine. While the competition is cutting their bottle sizes and claiming to do more Dura Lube® still offers the same great product.

Dura Lube® does NOT contain Teflon® (PTFE), silicone, graphite, molybdenum, lead or other harmful substrate materials. Dura Lube® is not corrosive to metal. Dura Lube® does not generally void warranties.

  • Advanced Engine formula used to reduce heat and lower friction
  • Beats other brands on corrosion and wear testing, see box for test results
  • Contains unique friction modifiers that reduce friction and heat on vital engine parts
  • Compatible with all synthetic, semi synthetic or standard oils
  • Contains no solids, lead, molybdenum or graphite
  • Helps protect your engine from wear in normal to extreme driving conditions
  • Compatible with gas or diesel engines