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DRYLOK® Fast Plug Hydraulic Cement

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DRYLOK® Fast Plug Hydraulic Cement
As low as $8.99
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DRYLOK® Fast Plug® is a fast-setting hydraulic cement that sets in just 3-5 minutes, preventing water from flowing, even under pressure, through cracks and holes in concrete and masonry structures. It’s ideal for sealing floor and wall joints, patching settlement cracks and holes in masonry walls, and anchoring metal to masonry. Similar to mortar, it sets and hardens extremely quickly.

  • Fast-setting hydraulic cement
  • Stops water, even under pressure
  • Patch mortar joints, cracks, and holes in masonry walls
  • No top coat required
  • A powder that mixes with water
  • Sizes: 4 pounds, 1.5 pounds, 10 pounds, 50 pounds
  • Coverage: approximately 16 cubic inches of patching material per pound
  • Set time: 3-5 minutes