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DRYLOK® Etch - 12 oz

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01908 12OZ
DRYLOK® Etch - 12 oz
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A modern formulation, DRYLOK® Etch is highly effective in etching masonry, stone, tile, and brick. It removes unsightly efflorescence (salt deposits) as well as excess mortar.

Use DRYLOK® Etch, as a safer alternative to muriatic acid, to treat smooth concrete and condition galvanized surfaces prior to painting.


DRYLOK® Etch is easier to use than those stronger acids typically employed to cut into unprotected parts of metal surfaces, smooth and highly troweled concrete, brick, and ceramic tile.

  • Clean and etch concrete (including dense concrete vertical surfaces), stone, tile, galvanized metal, and brick
  • Prepares smooth concrete for painting
  • Removes efflorescence
  • Removes mortar from brick and tile
  • Conditions galvanized surfaces for painting
  • A safer, easier alternative to muriatic acid
  • No harmful fumes
  • Maximizes adhesion for paints and coatings
  • Removes efflorescence
  • Interior/exterior
  • A powder form that mixes with water
  • Size: 12 ounces
  • Coverage: when mixed with 1 gallon of water, will etch 300 square feet