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Dramm ColorStorm Impulse Stake Sprinkler

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Dramm ColorStorm Impulse Stake Sprinkler


The ColorStorm Impulse Stake Sprinkler is an all brass impulse sprinkler head on a 6″ heavy-duty metal stake. The eye-catching color and design of the color storm stake impulse sprinkler make a stylish and functional tool in your yard.


*Colors are assorted and picked at random.



  • Designed to water closer to the ground, minimizing evaporation and ensuring uniform watering
  • Adjustable deflector flap adjusts stream length from 20 ft. to 41 ft. radius
  • Waters an area of 70 ft. in diameter
  • Brass impulse sprinkler head has adjustable partial and full-circle patterns
  • Made from zinc, brass, and heavy-duty plastic
  • Comes in the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and berry.


Coverage 1,257 – 5,281 ft²
Flow Rate 3.25 gpm
Water Pressure Rating Min: 40 psi — Max: 90 psi