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DQB Industries 24" Steel Strip Pushbroom

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DQB Industries 24" Steel Strip Pushbroom
DQB Industries 24" Steel Strip Pushbroom

The Fastrack® series of steel-strip sweeps offer the user incredible wear characteristics without the additional drawbacks of standard pushbrooms. Bristle is locked into a heavy gauge rust-resistant steel channel. Lightweight and durable, the Fastrack® has no wood or
poly block to add weight. Combine this with the unique Lock-Block® wing-nut steel connector system, and you’ll see why the Fastrack® series is a favorite of factories, warehouses, and industrial users everywhere. All items come vertically packaged with heads and steel Lock-Block® handles (11046). Braces are included with 36” steel strip sweeps.

24" Steel Strip Sweep
3" Trim
60" Steel Handle
For Heavy Duty Sweeping