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DeWALT 90,000 BTU Cordless Forced Air Kerosene Diesel Heater

DeWALT 90,000 BTU Cordless Forced Air Kerosene Diesel Heater

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DeWALT 90,000 BTU Cordless Forced Air Kerosene Diesel Heater
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For the first time ever on a forced air kerosene heater, DEWALT brings you truly cordless heat. No cords, no hoses just remarkably portable heat. Combining 90,000 BTU's and any battery available in the DEWALT lineup of 20v Max and 60 FLEXVOLT battery families is a match made in heaven. Just fill the tank with any of the approved fuels and blast the cold out with 90,000 BTU's then switch the heat down to 75,000 BTUs to keep the temperature just right all while saving fuel as the thermostat cycles the unit on and off at just the right comfort setting. Batteries in use? That's OK because the DEWALT cordless kerosene heater is equipped with convenient hybrid power supply capabilities allowing you to simply plug in when batteries are unavailable. And of course, you know DEWALT will offer the safest products available. With safety features like an internal emergency battery backup system that allows the heater to complete its cooling cycle even if the DEWALT battery or power plug is removed. The system is also constantly monitors the fan motor and combustion performance to ensure peak safety conditions. You can trust that the DEWALT DXH90CFAKD is doing its job so that you can do yours.

•75,000 or 90,000 BTUs- runs at 90,000 BTUs to quickly blast out the cold and can be turned down to 75,000 BTUs to maintain temperatures and save fuel

•Cordless Operation - operates on one or two of any of the 20v Max and Flex Volt DEWALT battery platforms

•Hybrid Power- can operate with battery or 120v power supply

•Hybrid Heat- the innovative combo of forced air and radiant heat technology; utilize the space heating benefits of forced air while still being able to direct heat to a specific area with the radiant heating surface