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Cow Pots Seed Starter Trays

Cow Pots Seed Starter Trays

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Cow Pots Seed Starter Trays
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Cow Pots Seed Starter Trays

CowPots are an exciting alternative to peat. CowPots are peat-free. Their porous walls allow for better root penetration than peat, and they actually decompose in the same growing season.

Why use wasteful plastic pots or fiber pots when you can use CowPots?
The manure we use to make CowPots is a renewable resource, unlike peat mined from bog eco-systems or plastic made from fossil fuels. When deciding between CowPots vs. peat pots, our main ingredient, manure is 100% renewable and recycled because we use it first to capture methane which we burn as biogas to heat our farm buildings. Read more about the sustainable practices on our farm. In making CowPots, we extract green-energy from the manufacturing process, reducing our carbon footprint. By collecting and using manure to create a truly 'green' product, CowPots – and your use of them – help farmers preserve clean, open spaces.

 Sow or Transplant
Fill CowPots with potting soil mix and plant
seeds (according to directions on seed packet) or
transplant seedling.
Water and fertilize as needed. Give the pot time
to harden between watering.
When seedlings are ready for planting, simply
place CowPots into soil, and water.
Cowpots last for months above ground but once transplanted
into garden soil, the pots begin to degrade and enhance
your garden soil.