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Compact Crank Sled2

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Compact Crank Sled2
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Compact Crank Sled2

Simplify and speed up your firing methods with a proper crank. Operating quietly for easy use, the Compact Dead Silent Crank by Killer Instinct quickly re-cocks your bow without alerting your quarry to your presence. Fitting Killer Instinct crossbows, the crank easily affixes to your bow with a quick-attach socket. This allows for fast operation, quickly cocking the bowstring. 100-percent silent, the crossbow loads bolts easily while letting you remain hidden. 



                                   FEATURES & SPECIFICTIONS                                                                                                                                                         

Wide Sled Model Compatible with:

Lethal 405
Fierce 405
BC 370
Boss 405
Burner 415
Ripper 425
Speed 425
HERO 380

Not Compatible:

Ripper 415,
Furious 370 Series,
Furious Pro 9.5,
Swat Series,
KI 350, KI 355,
KI 360, KI 365,
CHRG'D 330