Clam Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon Kit, 3 Pack

Clam Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon Kit, 3 Pack

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Clam Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon Kit, 3 Pack
As low as $14.99
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Clam Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon Kit

Anglers can now have the best of the best! Clam Pro Tackle Jigging Spoon Kits are designed with the hottest colors and some of the most popular spoon choices in the CPT line. Our spoon kits are great for the beginner angler or make a perfect gift.

The Ribbon Leech Flutter Spoon takes after the ever-popular Leech Flutter Spoon. The Ribbon Leech still has the Leech Spoon's fluttering action, but the spoon is a thinner cut, which causes the spoon to fall down the water column at a much slower speed than the Leech Spoon. Complete with the addition of a noisy flapper blade, this spoon will put a lot of fish on the ice this winter!


•   Multicolor kits so anglers can easily change depending on the time of day, water clarity, etc

•   Great starter packs!

•   Three spoons per pack

•   Thin cut version of infamous Leech Flutter Spoon

•   Flutters down the water column tantalizingly slow

•   Oversized Extra-Strong red treble hook that keeps ‘em pinned

•   Noisy/Loud/Flashy flapper calls ‘em In

•   Available in Glow Lightning colors

•   Available in 1/16 or 1/8 sizes