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Browning FMJ 45 Automatic 185 Grain Ammo - 50 Rounds

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Browning FMJ 45 Automatic 185 Grain Ammo - 50 Rounds


Browning FMJ offers outstanding value and the highest quality components to bring the shooters the best compromise in cost and performance. Browning Training & Practice Pistol ammunition is the perfect ammo for an affordable day at the range. The innovative features that Browning utilizes in their pistol ammunition transfer those advantages to every shot you take using Browning handgun ammo.



  • FULL METAL JACKET BULLET: Designed for reliable. feeding, functioning, and range performance
  • CLEAN BURNING POWDERS: Provides consistent ignition for repeatable velocity and accuracy


Caliber: 45 Auto Colt Pistol

Bullet Weight: 185 Grain

Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket

Quantity: 50 Rounds Per Box

Distance (Yards) Velocity (FPS) Energy (Ft.-Lbs)
Muzzle 835 356
5 831 353
25 817 341