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Bonide Captain Jack's Insect Spray Concentrate 16oz

Bonide Captain Jack's Insect Spray Concentrate 16oz

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Bonide Captain Jack's Insect Spray Concentrate 16oz
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Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew is approved for organic gardening to control a wide range of listed insect pests. Use on listed vegetables, citrus, fruits flowers, and ornamentals. Contains Spinosad.



Insect Killer

This pest control is great for use on bagworms, borers, beetles, caterpillars, codling moth, gypsy moth, spider mites, loopers, leaf miners, tent caterpillars, thrips and more.

Variety Of Foliage

Protects a wide variety of plants including fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, cole crops, leafy vegetables, tuberous vegetables, stone fruits, bushberries, and pome fruits.

Targets Problem Insects

Product is intended for control of listed insects. It does not significantly impact predatory beneficial insects, predatory mites, and spiders while controlling target pests.

Organic Gardening

The active ingredient in Dead Bug Brew is a naturally occurring bacteria called Spinosad. Spinosad is a leading pesticide used worldwide in the production of organic produce.

Easy Spray Application

Product instantly mixes with water and should be applied with a trigger, hand-held, backpack, or hose-end sprayer. Carefully read and use according to label directions.