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Black Diamond Tape Measures, 16' and 25'

Black Diamond Tape Measures, 16' and 25'

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Black Diamond Tape Measures, 16' and 25'
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Black Diamond® high-performance hand tools are tough, reliable, and engineered for quality and durability. Perfect for your shop, barn, garage, home, warehouse, or construction site, Black Diamond hand tools pass the tests of time, pressure, and repeated use. Whether you are a professional tradesman, an accomplished handyman, or a serious weekend warrior, you can trust that Black Diamond hand tools will help you make quick work of it.

  • 2 piece, 16' and 25' retractable tape measures of standard SAE inch and foot units
  • Double-sided printing for reading ease
  • 1.1" wide tape with clear black and red printing on a yellow background
  • Nylon coated for display protection and smooth retraction
  • Automatically locks into position when pulled out - press button to retract
  • Big metal hook on the end for clipping onto attachments
  • Tapes extend stiff and straight for ease of use and quickly coil back up into the case
  • Tough and chunky TPR rubberized outer cover for secure holding and protects from day to day wear and handling
  • Rear metal belt clip for attachment to a carpenter’s tool belt. Includes a lanyard for convenient hanging