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Black Diamond Shovel-Round Point - 48"

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Black Diamond Shovel-Round Point - 48"


The Black Diamond Shovel features a reinforced fiberglass shaft to offer maximum strength, making it essential for moving heavy materials or picking through tough soil. The shovel utilizes 14-gauge steel as part of its heavy-duty design, which provides increased durability. Additionally, the large forward-turned step offers secure foot placement when delving into compacted material while the 48" handle supplies more leverage allowing for more work in an upright position.



  • All-purpose and adaptable tool suitable for many tasks around your home or business
  • Reinforced fiberglass shaft
  • 14-gauge steel 
  • Large forward-turned step
  • Digging holes or cutting through thick turf, this heavy-duty long-handle shovel is equipped to tackle the job


Type: Round Point Shovel

Size: 48"