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Black Diamond Full Synthetic Compressor Oil - Gallon

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Black Diamond Full Synthetic Compressor Oil - Gallon


The Black Diamond 100% full synthetic air compressor oil is perfect for your compressor. The full synthetic oil protects the compressor pump 25% better than synthetic blend oils, which means longer life for your compressor. The Black Diamond 100% full synthetic oil performs better at both lower and higher temperatures, which means better compressor performance year round.



  • Starts 10 colder than synthetic blend compressor oils
  • 25% increased wear protection over synthetic blend oil results in extended life of the compressor pump
  • Performs 50% better at 0F (-18C) than standard air compressor oil
  • All Season Performance - High VI (Viscosity Index) means better performance in a wide pump operating temperature range over conventional mineral oils
  • Easy starting in low temps - resistance to thickening at low temps (remains in a fluid state in temps less than -30F )
  • Better performance and protection at high temps - resistance to thinning at higher temperatures compared to conventional mineral oils.
  • Flash Point: 460F (238C)
  • Pour Point: -40F (-40C)
  • 1 gallon bottle with convenient oil level indicator
  • For use with all reciprocating air compressors - not for use in gas engines


Type: Air Compressor Oils

Size: 1 Gallon