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Black Diamond 16 ft. Tape Measure

Black Diamond 16 ft. Tape Measure

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Black Diamond 16 ft. Tape Measure
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1 piece 16ft, retractable tape measures of standard SAE inch and foot units. Double-sided printing for reading ease. 1.1in wide tape with clear black and red printing on a yellow background. Nylon coated for display protection and smooth retraction.

  • Automatically locks into position when pulled out - press button to retract. Big metal hook on the end for clipping onto attachments
  • Tapes extend stiff and straight for ease of use and quickly coil back up into the case
  • Tough and chunky TPR rubberised outer cover for secure holding and protects from day to day wear and handling
  • Rear metal belt clip for attachment to a carpenter’s tool belt. Includes a lanyard for convenient hanging