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Billy Bob Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

Billy Bob Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

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Billy Bob Multi-Catch Mouse Trap
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The Billy-Bob® Multi-Catch Mouse Trap is designed to catch and remove large numbers mice. Bait the trap with lots of food and fill the water tray. Leave caught mice inside the trap for several days. They have food and water, but most importantly they will attract other mice into the trap.

This is a humane way to get rid of those little pesky rodents. Once you catch the mice you can take them far away from your house and release them into the wild where they belong.

Peanut butter, wild bird seed, nuts, candy, cheese, pop corn and numerous other foods make great bait. Once the mice climb inside to get to the bait, they can’t get back out. The food and water will allow them to survive for several days, and while they are inside the trap they will attract other mice to join them. There is no need for harmful poisons, snap traps, or messy sticky traps with the Billy-Bob Mouse Trap!

Set the multi-catch trap indoors or out in your garage, shed or barn! It works best when set in a secluded area away from the light. For indoor use…underneath stairs, inside cabinets or utility closets are prime locations to catch multiple mice.

Billy Bob has been innovating products since 1994- Novelty products, pest control, insect control and more to come!



  • Designed to catch a large number of mice 
  • Easy to set and use 
  • Humane and safe for use around people and pets 
  • Made in The USA


Weight: 1 lbs

Dimensions: 7.25 × 7.25 × 12.75 in