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Band Saw Blade Lubricant Stick

Band Saw Blade Lubricant Stick

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Band Saw Blade Lubricant Stick
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Band Saw Blade Lubricant Stick

8″ long x 1″ diameter. Prolongs blade life and produces smoother and quicker cuts. Specially compounded to keep metal, plastic, and wood cutting blades from clogging with wood chips or pitch. Use on all power and hand held cutting tools including band, scroll, circular, hack and jewelers saw blades.


•   Push stick into moving saw blade so that teeth are thoroughly coated.

•   The wax will flow when saw blade becomes warm.

•   Keep the blade clean and prevent clogging.

•   This adds to the life of the blade and produces easier, smoother and quicker cuts.

•   If using Cool Blocks replacement band saw blade guides, apply only to tooth tips.