Avery EZ Bird Dog Trainer Pheasant

Avery EZ Bird Dog Trainer Pheasant

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Avery EZ Bird Dog Trainer Pheasant
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Avery Outdoors has made training for the retrieve for pheasants especially lifelike with the EZ Bird Pheasant training dummy.

This dummy has all the color of a real pheasant and is loaded with great features so you and your dog will get the most out of each retrieve. The puncture-proof PVC outer skin has Avery's well known VGrip Tooth locks that will help your dog get a great hold on the dummy every retrieve. Each EZ Bird Pheasant dummy has double-knotted slip-proof rope with a Long Throw Knob for greater throwing distance and accuracy allowing you to put it exactly where you want it. This dummy also has a soft head for your dog’s retrieving comfort. Finally, the tail is known at Avery Outdoors as a Sight/Scent streamer, great for your dog to focus on while sailing through the air and if loaded with pheasant scent your dog's nose will become an important factor when on a blind retrieve.

The Avery Outdoors EZ Bird Pheasant dummy, just what you and your dog need to get ready for the upcoming season.


VGrip Tooth Locks for superior hold

Soft floating head means no broke teeth

Puncture-proof PVC outer skin

Sight/Scent Streamer creates marking focus

Double knotted slip-proof rope

Long Throw Knob for distance and accuracy