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Allesorb Pet Training Pad 22"x22" - 100 count

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Allesorb Pet Training Pad 22"x22" - 100 count


Allesorb Training Pads' 6-layer technology has proven to be more absorbent than leading brands. The training pads' quilted, tear-resistant, fast-wicking top layer locks in 1.5 cups of liquid on contact. A quick-drying, odor-neutralizing, and stabilizing core helps the pads to protect against leaks and tracking.



  • Helps control odor-causing bacteria
  • No-drip handling and disposal keeps you clean
  • Absorbent gel captures and locks in wetness on contact with pads
  • 6-layer protection prevents urine from leaking through the training pads
  • For puppies, adult dogs, cats, rabbits and more
  • Instructions for use: place pad on the floor with tissue side up, position pad away from sleeping and eating locations, bring your pet to the pad to familiarize your pet with the pad's scent, repeat as necessary, praise and reward your pet when used successfully, and properly dispose of the used pad in waste receptacle


Dimensions  Country of Origin Animal Type Breed Size Life Stage Primary Material Scented or Unscented
22 in. x 22 in. Imported Rabbit, Cat, Hedgehog, Dog, Guinea Pig, Ferret, Guineas Extra Small, Small, Medium All Life Stages Polyester film Unscented