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Airome Essential Oils Diffuser

Airome Essential Oils Diffuser

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Airome Essential Oils Diffuser

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Odor Eliminating Diffuser Gift Set, Black Light-Up Diffuser and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. All-Natural Odor Eliminators reduce and effectively eliminate odors while providing aromatherapy benefits using NO harmful chemicals. Set includes a 100 mL BPA-free plastic diffuser and one 10 mL bottle of Airome Essential Oil Plus All-Natural Odor Eliminator. Additional fragrances available for purchase separately. Eliminate stinky, smelly odors in your space without harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and aerosols.



•  Black BPA-Free plastic simple, sleek 100 mL diffuser with a single white LED light.

•  Airome's proprietary, all-natural, plant-based odor eliminating technology is added to essential oils to provide an aromatherapy experience that also removes malodors from your space.

•  A more earth-friendly alternative to traditional room air fresheners. Toxin-free, all-natural and plant-based odor eliminating oil added to essential oil for fragrance is effective at removing malodors from the air. Diffuser is re-usable and waste free.


•  Black 100 mL Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

•  Bottle of Eucalyptus Essential Oil Plus Odor Eliminator

•  Cord


HOW TO USE: Add water to diffuser, and drop desired amount of Odor Eliminator Essential Oil in water. Turn on diffuser and allow to run as needed to get rid of odor.